Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whole Foods Fast: Learn to Cook Without using Measuring Spoons

Learning to cook without using measuring spoons can save you time in the kitchen, because you can quickly dump in your herbs, spices and seasonings without having to worry about finding or cleaning your measuring spoons between ingredients.

Below I created a video Whole Foods Fast tip that I picked up from The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper book on how to teach yourself how to measure without measuring spoons.  A text description follows for those of you who prefer text.

First, Grab your measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons

Measure out your ingredient with the measuring spoon and then put it in your hand.  Note what each volume looks like in your hand.

quarter-teaspoon quarter hand only

half-teaspoon half-teaspoon-hand

one teaspoon one teaspoon hand

For the next couple weeks measure the same way; into your measuring spoon, then into your hand, and then into your pot.  After awhile you should get the hang of what each measurement looks like in your hand.  


Melanie | Dietriffic said...

Hi Julie,
I love this tip, anything that makes cooking faster is great in my book. Thanks for the suggestion.

aMichiganMom said...

Welcome. If you have tips for cooking fast, send them my way, I would be happy to publish your contribution.

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