Thursday, July 01, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 3

This week we got:

Lots of Lettuce:
We will use this for salads throughout the week.

Kohlrabi: purple and white. I sliced it into matchsticks and put it in our salad and sliced some and just ate them. It was very good. My husband really liked it because he remembers eating this as a child.

Fresh Garlic: I am going to cure these because I have a clove of last week's garlic still hanging around.

Kale: I made some Kale chips out of the Kale, but now I use coconut oil instead of Olive Oil, VERY good!

Update on last week: 
A few people asked about the garlic scape pesto, well I tried this recipe from a Michigan Garlic farmer and it was so good.  We had it on pasta and with the leftovers, I put it on our eggs one time and another, mixed in some olive oil and vinegar and made a vinaigrette out of it.  


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