Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trying some Grain Free Alternatives

Grain-Free Gourmet & Eat Well Feel Well

The more I read about grains and specifically wheat.  The more I am convinced that our family should limit the consumption of them whether they are whole, sprouted, soaked, etc.  While I think that we can get by pretty well on meat, veggies, fruits and dairy, I would still like to have the option of making a muffin or a pancake for the kids every so often.  And I should say with the exception of the few cavities our family has, we are not suffering any ill-health affects because of our consumption of grains, so if the kids have a cupcake or some corn chips at a birthday party, I really don't care.  I just feel that in the long-term minimizing our consumption of them is best for our family.

For that reason, I recently ordered some books and alternative flours to help us on our grain reduction journey.

Grain-free Books:
Almond Flour Cookbook
Cooking with Coconut Flour
Everyday Grain-free Gourmet
Eat Well Feel Well (this one follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Recommendations for people trying to heal their gut based on the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle)

Grain-free Flour:
Coconut Flour
Almond Flour (it is bleached, but I emailed the company to see how they bleach it and they remove the Almond skins by quickly steaming them.)

There are other grain-free flour options available, but I choose these two because they had cookbook accompaniments I could use to guide me as I start cooking with them.  I should also say that I only bought these to use occasionally.  I wonder what would happen if we all started consuming as much almond and coconut flour as we do wheat, I can imagine that too much of these flours could be bad too...but that is just a guess.

I got the books a couple of weeks ago, but today the flours arrived:

Coconut Flour and Cooking with Coconut Flour

Blanched Almond Flour & The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook

I am super excited to try these alternative flours and look forward to sharing the results here.  The only problem is I am heading up to beautiful Traverse City next week and won't be have the time to try them until I get back.  Adios Amigos!

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 7

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 7

Yum!  This week we got some goodies that we have already enjoyed.

Corn - Had some for dinner last night, will have some more tonight.

Zucchini- Made some grilled cheese sandwiches with this.  We sliced it thin and put it right inside with the cheese.  Very good.

Peppers - Not sure what I am going to do with these.  Will probably make some veggie dip so we can dip them in it for snacks.

Onions - Saving them for use during the week.

Cabbage - Will store and use for a salad later on in the week.

Cucumbers - Made a Salad with it and the ....

Tomatoes - My daughter thought it was fun to pick the smallest tomatoes out ;-)  Ohh well.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 6

This week we got:

Lettuce: Will use for salads during the week.

Tomatoes: Will eat on our salads or give to the kids for a snack during the week.  I always ask them if they want it cut up like a "farmers market sample" which means I chop it up and give them toothpicks to eat it with.

Potatoes: Yum!  These were good I slow roasted them in my mini-slow cooker.  Had a few leftover that I will put in the kid's eggs in the morning.

Green Beans: Will use as a side veggie for dinner.  This Peanut Butter Green Bean Recipe is a fun side dish that is pretty kid-friendly that I have made in the past.

Broccoli:  Will use as a side veggie for dinner.  I usually just steam them.

Green Peppers:  Not sure what I am going to do with these, the black bean soup recipe from How to Eat Supper is AMAZING and calls for green peppers, I might chop them up and freeze them for use with the recipe over winter.

Onions: I put them in my storage bin and will use them through the week for cooking as needed.  I just bought some of these vegetable keepers from that are in the mail.  I can't wait to get them and hang them up in my kitchen to store my garlic, onions, and potatoes in!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Favorite Things:

Usually I reserve my favorite things posts for individual items, but today I wanted share with you some of my favorite things, from my favorite online store,  The store is chock full of environmentally friendly products for your use at the home, office and while out and about.  They are constantly adding new items and have frequent sales, so there is always something new to buy ;-)

You can view pictures of many of the items I have purchase from on my flickr set for them,

Or, if you are more of a video person, watch the videos below where I talk about some of my favorite items.

Litter Free Lunch Napkins

Insulated Lunch Bag (Made in the USA)

Reusable Wrapping Paper has a HUGE selection of items like the ones I reviewed, hop on over there to check it out.

Cut Tomatoes Fast

A short video for you on the evolution of how I cut my tomatoes.

Related Product:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 5

This week we got:

Chinese (Napa) Cabbage.  Will probably make an Asian-themed salad with almonds, rice vinegar, sesame oil, onions.

Bok Choy.  Probably with stir fry it with some mushrooms and soy sauce.

Tomatoes. Use in salads through the week.

Zucchini. Opps...I forgot to take the picture until after I had sliced and eaten some.

Onions. Store for use in the coming weeks.

Lettuce. Salads for the week.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 4

This week we got:

Two Types of Kale. We had some of the Kale for dinner tonight as sauted greens. It was very good. I think I will have some with my eggs at breakfast tomorrow morning.


Fresh Garlic.

Zucchini. I saw this post on The kitchn, 15 Spectacular Recipes for Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Pattypan & More. All of the recipes look very good, not sure which one I will try, but I feel like trying something new.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 3

This week we got:

Lots of Lettuce:
We will use this for salads throughout the week.

Kohlrabi: purple and white. I sliced it into matchsticks and put it in our salad and sliced some and just ate them. It was very good. My husband really liked it because he remembers eating this as a child.

Fresh Garlic: I am going to cure these because I have a clove of last week's garlic still hanging around.

Kale: I made some Kale chips out of the Kale, but now I use coconut oil instead of Olive Oil, VERY good!

Update on last week: 
A few people asked about the garlic scape pesto, well I tried this recipe from a Michigan Garlic farmer and it was so good.  We had it on pasta and with the leftovers, I put it on our eggs one time and another, mixed in some olive oil and vinegar and made a vinaigrette out of it.  

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