Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giving Up Sugar for a Month

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On Sunday I will start a month-long journey of giving up sugar.  Why?  I have become lazy over the past year and let sugar creep back into my diet.  Too much into my diet!  I know friends and family already feel like I don't eat that much, but I do.  And I can feel it.  I don't like the way my body craves it for a pick-up in the afternoon or the example I set for my kids when they see me eat it.  I don't like the few pounds I have gained because of it.  So the time has come to give it up for another month.

This isn't the first time I have given up sugar, I did it back in November and it was a good experience.  So I will do it again, but with a difference.  This time I would love to have people join me on the journey.  So I would like to invite others who would like to do this with me to guest post on the blog about your experience.  Why are you giving up sugar?  How is it going?  Why do you like it?  Why don't you like it?  How do your family and friends feel about your decision?  

Is anyone with me?

I think giving up sugar could look different for different people depending where you are at right now.  Maybe some people do it for a week, maybe two.  Maybe you give up all sweets, but don't worry about the sugar in your pasta sauce or hot dogs.  

To me a Giving Up Sugar in May means: 
  • * No sugar.  
  • * No corn syrup.  
  • * No sweeteners, fake or real, of any kind in the ingredients list of anything I buy.  
  • * Naturally occurring fruit and milk sugars are OK - but I will limit fruit to no more than 1 per day.

So if you are interested in doing this with me, send me an email at j m a g r o @ g m a i l . c o m (remove the spaces) and let me know.


Karen said...

I gave up sugar a week ago. In general, we eat very healthy but the sugar was out of control. For me, this is a for good thing. I don't do well with moderation. I am not limiting fruit and I am keeping honey and maple syrup but in rather limited amounts. But I have eliminated processed sugar, corn syrup, actually all processed foods with sugar. In reality, I have eliminated all processed foods.

I cannot believe the change in me. First, the withdrawals were horrible. But now I feel so much better. After a little more than a week the sugar cravings are almost gone and my appetite has settled down. I am simply not hungry all the time.

Marlene said...

This would be very good for me! I think I will do this. There are a few favs I would have to give up; esp my chai tea :) I will email you when I decide.

Karen said...

Julie, I'm in! No sugar, corn syrup, honey, artificial sweeteners, etc. My one exception might be the 100% whole wheat bread I buy that has some sugar in it. If I am successful in finding a 100% whole wheat with no sugar, OR if I have time to bake my own, I will. I'll go hunting for it today.

I'm so excited to do this. I have a weird relationship with sugar. I don't drink sugary drinks, I don't add it to coffee, or cereal, or oatmeal or anything.....but heaven help me if I have one stinkin' cookie or piece of candy. One always turns into about 12! Can't wait to break the addiction. It's gotten so out of control.

Dee said...

I'm in Julie! I just got back from grocery shopping and was horrified and how much of what I buy still has sugar in it. I have kind of gotten away from "watching out" for it in other products.

My biggest trap is coffee creamer. I LOVE my creamer and I know, know, know it has added pounds to my body!! I'm working on drinking my coffee black. I'm hoping to stick to your rules as closely has possible. The only hiccup will be Mother's Day as I already know my little chefs are hard at work on a breakfast plan...and where their are kids planning...there is sugar :)

Amy said...

Okay Ladies, I'm in too. My apologies for the somewhat tardy posting, it was a busy weekend. Despite the busyness, yesterday marked my first no-sugar day. Here are my rules: No sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, agave, aspartame, splenda, or saccharin. I humbly retain the right to put stevia in my coffee every morning, take my prescribed calcium supplements and vitamins and I will eat fruit because I like it and because I need the fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. If you are looking for no sugar whole wheat bread, try Ezekiel Bread or Trader Joe's Sprouted Grain whole wheat and rye breads they are all made without sugar, etc. I believe my major challenges will be going without my Kashi GoLean Cereal (6g sugar/serving) and its 10 grams of dietary fiber every morning, and doing without yogurt and the occasional diet soda. The diet soda will be exchanged for sparkling water as, for me at least, it is all about the fizz! Of course, my tendency towards an evening glass of red wine will have to be curbed as well. Do I anticipate being able to stick with it . . . honestly I have no idea, let's find out together.

aMichiganMom said...

I just have to say how excited I am that we are doing this together!

The biggest thing I have noticed so far is that when I am hungry, I don't get that "I'm going to pass out if I don't eat" feeling. I can feel that I am hungry, but if it is ok if I don't eat right away.

Dee - I haven't looked at the list of ingredients, but I know that Organic Valley just came out with a new line of creamers. Not sure if they are sweetened or not. I like to add the unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my tea sometimes, adds a nice flavor. And although Stevia is a sweetener, it is compromise most will make because it is made from a herb and some cultures have used it for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of years.

Anonymous said...

I would love to do this although seems like you have been doing it for a few weeks now. I'd be better having to check in with someone and following a daily eating plan or going off a list of foods I "can" have.

Anonymous said...

Yay good for you! I gave up sugar about a month ago due to health problems and I feel so much better. No processed foods, no added fake sweeteners, 2 serves fruit per day. I include natural sweeteners- only low GI, and only minimal, perhaps 1 tablespoon a day or less. It's wonderful and I will most def be raising my future family on this diet- the diet of my mother and her mother.

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