Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maple Creek Share Weeks 3 & 4

Week #3
Week #3 Maple Creek Farm Share

Week #4
Week #4 Maple Creek Farm Share

My mouth couldn't stop watering as I picked up our share today.

The basil smelled so good!  All the things I wanted to use it for went running through my mind all at once when I smelled that sweet smell.  I see bruschetta and caprese salads in our futures!  I am glad I have been researching storage tips over on the Maple Creek blog because I will store that beautiful basil differently now.

I am really looking forward to trying the raw zucchini crudo and my simple cabbage salad that I mentioned on the blog.  Not sure what I will do with the swiss chard yet, but I really like having it for breakfast, so I am leaning toward that.


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